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Get Wood Flooring or Carpeting for Your Miami Home

At Myriam Interiors, we offer a wide selection of carpet, laminate and wood floor types as well as professional flooring installation. If you aren’t exactly sure what you’re looking for, come on in and visit with our flooring contractor. We can talk about the benefits of each option so that you have the information you need to make the right decision. For example, hardwood is very popular because of its traditional, enduring beauty. It is easy to clean, holds up well to wear and increases the value of your home.

We Also Offer Laminate and Carpet

Laminate may be one of the most versatile options available. You’ll find options that mimic the look of several woods with various finishes, such as a rustic timber, a silver maple or an antique cherry finish. After the initial installation, a laminate floor offers great water resistance and is easy to clean. We have many customers who are pleased with this choice in their home.

Carpet is one of the most traditional and popular home and business options. It provides property owners with a lot of décor selections in color, pattern and texture. It also helps to maintain a consistent temperature in the building, reducing energy costs. You might choose carpeting for its ability to dampen sound or for its soft comfort and appearance. Work with a contractor for installation in Dade and Broward counties to get the best results.

Serving all of Dade County and Broward County

We are glad to offer the residents of Miami, Dade and Broward counties and the services of our interior contractor. Contact Myriam Interiors at 305-232-2449 to discuss the plans for your upcoming projects. We look forward to working with you!

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